Personal Appearance Guide

Personal Appearance Guide for Employees & Freelancers

The service sectors that we mainly operate in are corporate events and corporate exhibitions. Operating in the corporate world means that that there are certain expectations about standards of behaviour and appearance.

Always remember, we are in the presentation business and that how we present ourselves really matters.

This guide sets out how we expect our employees and freelancers to present themselves in our warehouse and when working on site.

General Appearance for All Employees and Freelancers

We expect everyone to comply the following:

  • Hair – must be tidy. If long, it must be tied in a ponytail so that it is both smart and does not present a health and safety risk, especially in the warehouse and on site.

  • Beards – must be tidy, smart and neatly trimmed.

  • Piercings and associated jewellery – can be worn providing it is safe (i.e. not loose and dangling) except in certain environments where our clients expect us to look at least as smart as the event delegates.

  • Tattoos – whenever possible, tattoos must not be visible i.e. must be covered by appropriate clothing. In certain environments where our clients expect us to look at least as smart as the event delegates tattoos must not be visible at all.

  • Good personal hygiene – it is beholding upon all of us to ensure that our workplaces are pleasant for those around us.

What to Wear

As our personal presentation affects or is requested by our clients, this policy applies to all technical and casual employees and is also a condition of the contractual provision of services by Freelancers.

For technical employees we have identified three distinct operating environments that we have described as:

  • Standard e.g. seminar theatre on the exhibition floor

  • White Glove e.g. conference in hotel or similar, or in conference rooms away from the exhibition floor

  • Ultra-White Glove.e.g. a conference in the Long Room at Lords

Obviously, the objective when operating is to be smart but almost invisible in black, or by blending in.

On any job, you should always assume Standard operating outfit should be used unless the Account Manager stipulates White Glove or Ultra-White Glove on the Call Sheet. In this case Operations will also relay the same to Freelancers.

Aztec will provide employees with shoes with steel toe caps and company branded clothing. This is to ensure appropriate identification and security at the events. We deem all other clothing to be part of a technical employees “career wardrobe” and therefore employees are expected to personally provide this.

Freelancers are required to provide their own clothing in line with these criteria and will receive Aztec branded clothing as appropriate for identification and security purposes.

If there are any issues regarding compliance with this policy, please speak with Operations asap.

If you are field based and are asked to work in a white glove or ultra-white glove environment, please do NOT wear expensive clothing in case it gets damaged. Aztec are not able to take liability for any damage to personal clothing or possessions.

It is in everyone’s interests that we look as smart as possible at all times. Always check the Call Sheet and, if in doubt, dress smart.